Description and Features
Bot Sentry is nowadays the most performant and top-rated antibot plugin ever existing in the Minecraft Community.
The plugin built-in features are:
    Unique and exclusive checks
    Compatiblity with every Spigot and Bungee Trusted Fork
    Netty and Bad-Packets attack preventing (Unique antibot having this)
    Internal bans to blacklist IPs thru the system directly
    Multiple BungeeCord (Redis) instances support
    Bedrock nicknames support
    MySQL support
    Support for Velocity Proxy
    Really smart % system to differentiate between players and bots
    100% configurable and translatable in all aspects
    Public API to get information regarding your server or general information about the plugin
    Developer API to make custom integrations easily and well-explained
    Custom verification website for your players to be able to join during a really strong attack
    No setup requiered, just drag and drop into plugins folder
    Stopping speed attacks with more than 30.000 bots per second
    Stopping slow attacks with even less than 6 bots per second
    Your real players will never get blacklisted, in case someone does, he can simply and easily whitelist himself thru our verification site
    Very optimized and lightweight, less than 500 kb
    FastLogin API implementation to check bots before fastlogin checks performs
    Country check to avoid certain countries to join your server during attacks
    Avoid all bots from registering
    Really detailed logs to give us total control and know what happens in all attacks
    Console message filtering to avoid spam
    Automatic and configurable Server logs clearing, BotSentry logs clearing, Blacklist clearing and Whitelist clearing
    Automatic antibot enabling and disabling, always hearing connections
    Actionbar notifications to see stats of the current attack
    Lot of cool commands and statistics from the attack in-game
Last modified 9mo ago
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