Here you are able to see some typical questions and their answers

Does someone has a Bypass for Bot Sentry?

No, our antibot is built in with generic checks that are currently not bypassable, if someone tries to bypass some of our checks, he will actually get a really poor and useless attack (and he won't end bypassing all checks). So, don't trust those websites that says to have a Bypass for our product, its totally false.

Is Bot Sentry compatible with X ?

Bot Sentry known working compatiblities are:

  • BungeeCord

  • Waterfall

  • Travertine

  • FireFly

  • Spigot

  • PaperSpigot

  • FlameCord

  • FlamePaper

You should avoid using any un-trusted fork, stay to the most active community forks like Waterfall or Paper.

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