Here you will see a list of BotSentry commands and their permissions

  • /botsentry help - See all available commands - botsentry.admin or botsentry.monitor

  • /botsentry on/off - Activate or deactivate antibot mode manually - botsentry.admin

  • /botsentry apipassword (password) - Creates a password to use the public api and the Panel - botsentry.admin

  • /botsentry notifications - See stats about the current attack int he actionbar - botsentry.admin or botsentry.monitor

  • /botsentry blacklist <ADD:REMOVE:CLEAR:CONTAINS> (ip) - Blacklist actions - botsentry.admin

  • /botsentry whitelist <ADD:REMOVE:CLEAR:CONTAINS> (ip) - Whitelist actions - botsentry.admin

  • /botsentry stats - See plugin statistics like Blacklisted IPs and Check queue, for example - botsentry.admin or botsentry.monitor

  • /botsentry reload - Reloads the configuration - botsentry.admin

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